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RII Training

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Everything Earthmoving ~ RII Training

RII Training is an Independent Training Organisation with a 500 acre Training Facility at Chinchilla specialising in the training and assessment of earthmoving operators, You can come and stay in our superb accommodation and learn to operate the right way and get some real hours logged on real equipment, or we can come to your worksite, We also do VOC, 4WD and Cert III Plant Quals.

Becoming a safe and skillful operator of  a complex piece of plant or equipment isn’t just about getting your ticket; it’s about confidence; confidence in the skills you’ve developed and confidence in your training.

Whether in Brisbane or at our residential school at Chinchilla in the heart of the Surat Basin, our training is designed to give you exactly that  confidence.

Do your training here in Brisbane, or save time and money by completing a group of tickets tailored to your requirements, while staying at our residential school at Chinchilla. We provide the transport if required.

Whether you’re seeking a new qualification to start a new career, or  you’re an experienced operator looking to complete your qualifications via Recognition of Prior Learning, RII Training will provide the support you need at the highest training standards and at the fairest price.

We provide full Verification of Competency services. 

Set in 500 acres of pristine bush land, we have equipment, space, air-conditioned training rooms, and most important of all, trainers with decades of operating and training experience,to help you gain the qualifications you require.

And when you leave us, you’ll be ready to work, confidently, competently and safely.


About Us

Jeremy-Hall-truck-close-up-150x93Our Training Director, Jeremy Element, has 42 years hands-on experience in the Earth Moving Industry in Australia, with 8 years experience as a professional trainer.

All our other trainers have many years of experience and have been chosen to provide a wide range of operational skills.

Plant and Equipment Operator Training is conducted in Brisbane, at our residential training facility at Chinchilla or at your workplace, depending on your circumstances and requirements. We can provide transport to our training facility if required.

By staying with us, you can complete a suite of tickets and gain significant experience in a short, concentrated period of time.

By tailoring a package of tickets to meet your specific needs we can save you money. By having you stay with us and focus on learning, practicing and excelling, we can save you time.

And, best of all, when you leave us, you go with the confidence that when a foreman says, “Jump up on that machine and show me what you can do,” you will be able to do just that, in spades.

  • Cert III in Plant Operation 

  • Back Hoe Loader   

  • Dozer Training

  • Excavator Training  

  • Four Wheel Drive Training 

  • Front End Loader Training

  • Grader Training

  • Roller Training 

  • Scraper Training


  • Skid Steer Loader



RII30809 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations

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Where this course may lead

This nationally recognized training program is developed from the RII13 Resources Infrastructure and Industry Training Package, and can be structured to meet your individual needs It provides yo with, or recognition of, the underpinning knowledge and skills appropriate to meet the needs of the resources and civil construction industry. Training and assessments are generally delivered on the job site. Courses with a classroom component such as plant operator training, traffic control, plan reading and basic levelling are delivered at a suitable employer venue or at our residential training facility. Contact us for more detailed course information, subject information and entry requirements.

What you learn

This course may lead to career opportunities as you transition from a civil construction worker to a role supervising or managing teams of outdoor workers with municipalities, road authorities and contractors within the civil construction industry. There is also potential for further advancement to Certificate IV in Civil Construction.

Delivery method and course duration

Workplace training and assessment structured over a period of up to 3 years for full-time workers. However, this may be reduced considerably by Recognition of Prior Learning credits.


To achieve competency in each unit an assessment will be conducted at the end of training of each individual unit throughout the period of the course.

Outcomes and accreditations

If you successfully complete this course, you receive a nationally recognized qualification, highly valued by employers.

VOC Training

A critical step in creating a safe workplace is ensuring that employees are competent to operate items of plant and equipment and have the prequisite skills to carry out their assigned tasks safely and effectively .

The Verification of Competency (VOC) process is designed to ensure appropriate operator skill levels in accordance with new national harmonization laws that came into effect in January 2012.

Through VOC employers are able to confirm and verify that their employees are competent in required job skills and equipment operation. VOC is particularly useful for pre-employment checks, setting contractual arrangements and site requirements.

Similarly, through VOC, employees/operators are able to establish and verify that they are competent to carry out their roles to a defined standard.

The VOC procedure, which can be carried out on site to minimize the impact on onsite productivity, or, alternatively can be conducted at either of RII Training’s facilities in Brisbane or Chinchilla, includes theory assessment through written and verbal question and answers, and one-on-one observation/demonstration and training.

On completion, our clients receive an Assessment Summary which is Evidence of Currency for resumes, training records, etc, together with a wallet size card similar t a drivers license which verifies their qualifications.


453 Engine Road Chinchilla


RII Training, 453 Engine Road Chinchilla

Murrumba Downs in Brisbane.

P.O. Box 2419 Chermside Centre Q 4032

Ph: 0413293739

Email: jeremyelement@gmail.com


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