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Random drug and alcohol testing of VIC workers

New rules limiting the power and influence of unions on worksites have also been included in the new code of practice for the building and construction industry.

Industrial relations minister Robert Clark on Friday released the code, which will apply to all companies submitting a tender for new construction projects after July 1, including the two stages of the $14 billion East West Link.

Widespread reports of workers being intoxicated, and of drug distribution and abuse, led to the new rules, Mr Clark said.

“One of the objectives of this initiative is to deter the peddling and pushing of drugs on building and construction sites, which has been identified as an issue by bodies such as the Master Builders and indeed by Victoria Police,” Mr Clark said.

Contractors on all government projects valued at more than $10 million will have to abide by the code, including random testing of workers for the lowest detectable level of drugs and alcohol.

CCTV cameras, security swipe card systems or a photographic or biometric security system would also have to be installed on all government work sites.

Source: Herald Sun

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