JB Attachments
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JB Attachments

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Everything Earthmoving ~ JB Attachments

JB Attachments manufactures and imports a full range of quality Earthmoving attachments.  Whatever your application, JB Attachments can provide you with a complete solution. 

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Quick Hitches

Tilt Hitches

4in1 Buckets


Rock Breakers

We understand that robust, reliable and quality fittings are absolutely necessary to ensure uninterrupted production flow.  Our Earthmoving attachments have been built for strength and to withstand even the harshest of working conditions.  They are designed and manufactured with our customers needs in mind and are safe, versatile and easy to use.  Our quality products will reduce costly downtime and give you greater power and productivity.

JB Attachments have a solid background in supplying all manner of tools and attachments and have established themselves as a reliable source of quality components.

JB Attachments is pleased to present the largest earthmoving attachment product range in Australasia.

Buckets and Spades

JB Attachments designs and manufactures a range of quality buckets and spades. 
Our extensive range means that we have a bucket to suit any application.

JB 4in1 Bucket

The JB 4in1 is a multi-pupose bucket that can do everything a thumb can do, and more. It can be used as a trenching, grading or clamshell bucket for gripping and loading.  The 4in1 increases the tasks a single machine can perform, reducing the number of task-dedicated machines needed on a job site and can be used during every step of the construction.


JB Wide Bucket - Straight Sides

JB Attachments Straight Sided Wide Buckets are manufactured to the highest quality to stand up to the toughest conditions.

Straight Sided Wide Buckets are available for any sized machine.
JB Attachments can also design Tapered Sided Wide Buckets to suit your needs if required

JB Wide Bucket - Straight Sides

JBA Clay Trenching Plate

A useful tool for those narrow footings or trenching in sticky clay.
The design allows for easy removal of material while giving an accurate cut to a specific width.
Spades are available for 1 – 25 tonne machines in varying widths.

JB Clay Trenching Plate


JBA Tilt Bucket

The JBA Tilt Bucket incorporates a unique patented double ram system. 

Buckets tilt 45 Degrees each way giving a full 90 degree range of tilt.Tilt Rams have a seal system that is simple and quick to disassemble, service and reassemble.

JB Tilt Buckets


Grapples & Grabs

JB Attachments can provide Grapples suitable for any application you require.
Standard JBA grabs suit excavators from 1 -30 tonne (product specification avail. on request).
JB Attachments can manufacture any type of grab to suit your application. 
We can do anything from clam grabs to car grabs!!

JB Multi-Grapple

This innovative Grapple from JB Attachments is sure to be an effective part of your equipment inventory.  Its unique connection means that the grapple can be connected and locked on to your excavator mechanically, thus eliminating the need for the operator to leave the excavator cab.

JB Multi-Grapple


JB Tyne Grab

The basic JBA Tyne Grab unit contains a 3+2 tyne grab, stayarm, stayarm mount and mount pins. This is the recipe for a simple and effective grab that stands the test of time. 

Wider grabs with more tynes can be made to suit your needs.

JB Tyne Grab


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