JB Tilt Hitch
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JB Tilt Hitch 1. JB Tilt Hitch - POA
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JB Tilt Hitch

JB Tilt Hitch
JB-Attachments-JBTilt-Hitch-Pic2-500x271.jpg JB-Attachments-JBTilt-Hitch-Pic4-500x271.jpg JB-Attachments-JBTilt-Hitch-Pic3-500x271.jpg
Freight available Australia wide

JBTilt Hitch
180 Degrees of Tilt
Narrow and Compact
Built in Relief Valve
Use with PowerGrip for MAXIMUM Productivity

Price: POA

Product Specs
Carrier SizeProduct CodeDescription of Hitch Types Available:
(DP) Draw Pin or 1/2 Hitch Base 
(Manual) Manual Hitch with Screw Lock
(Multi) Cast Hydraulic Hitch with Auto Lock Safety
(1C) Front and Rear Locking Multi-Coupler
Tilt RangeApprox Weight (kg)Max Width Bucket
1-2 TonnePT 4.5DP, Manual, Multi180 degrees44 1000mm
2.5 - 4 TPT 06DP, Manual, Multi,180 degrees100 1200mm
4 - 6.8 TPT 07DP, Manual, Multi, 1C180 degrees160 1400mm
7 - 9 TPT 08Multi, 1C180 degrees230 1500mm
10 - 14 TPT 09Multi, 1C134 degrees320 1700mm
14 - 18 TPT 10Multi, 1C134 degrees4601811mm
20 - 25 TPT 11Multi, 1C134 degrees6702100mm
25 - 30 TPT 12Multi, 1C134 degrees900 2200mm

We have incorporated the rotary actuator into the innovative and practical JB Attachments Multi-Coupler design to bring you the most reliable tilt hitch on the market. This will be a part of your equipment inventory that you won't want to be without - increasing productivity, profitability and versatility of your earthmoving machinery.


The Lowdown
The JB Attachments Tilt Hitch can increase the productivity, profitability and versatility of backhoes or excavators by simply tilting the attachment instead of moving the entire machine.  Over a decade of innovation and engineering design has gone into making the JBTilt an integral solution for increasing work site efficiency.

The JB Attachments Tilt Hitch is ideal for performing everyday tasks, or completing jobs that you never thought were possible.  Thousands of contractors worldwide have come to rely on the JBTilt since 1990 for cleaning ditches, clearing land, digging bevelled trenches, spreading rip-rap, and positioning brush-cutters, mowers and hydraulic hammers.
Engineered with a unique combination of features, the JBTilt will provide you with the ability to get more work done in less time.

When used in combination with JB 4in1 Bucket
, you can achieve unmatched, hand-like manipulation and dexterity, dramatically maximising productivity.


  • Maximum Tilt: Up to 180 degree side-to-side tilt achieved with our exclusive, sliding spline technology.
  • Narrow, Compact Configuration: use with any of your machine's attachments - even you narrowest trenching bucket.
  • Moving Parts Are Enclosed: No cylinder rods or external moving parts result in low maintenance costs and longer life.
  • Internal Cross-Port Relief Valve: The built-in relief valve provides hydraulic overload protection.

  • JBTilt allows you to tilt the attachment instead of repositioning the entire machine – resulting in a safer working environment.
  • JBTilt is designed for a maximum bucket width.  It is recommended that the bucket widths are not exceeded.
  • JBTilt is now available with front and rear locking multi-coupler base - Making it compliant with all current and future legislation 

Making your life easier

The application possibilites for the JBTilt are endless. It can be used to perform common everyday tasks, or complete jobs you haven't yet tried, allowing you to function with less equipment.  The abiity to tilt your bucket can reduce the need for speciality equipment on the job site, and at the same time, increase the productivity and profitability of the machines you use on a daily basis - you can simply tilt your attachment instead of moving the whole machine.

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