JB 4in1 Bucket
Equipco Steel Tanks

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JB 4in1 Bucket 1. JB 4in1 Bucket - POA
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JB 4in1 Bucket

JB 4in1 Bucket
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Freight available Australia wide

JB 4in1 Bucket for Excavators
Easy to pick up, use and remove
Light than Ram versions
Integrated Pressure Control Valves
Maximum Machine Performance when
used with JBTilt Hitch
Price: POA

The JBA 4in1 is a multi purpose bucket. This versatile tool can be used as a trenching, grading or clamshell bucket and for gripping and loading.  The 4in1 features 120 degrees of jaw movement and has an enclosed actuator hinge that ensures reliability and durability.

When used in combination with the JBTilt Hitch, a swing attachment, you can achieve unmatched, hand-like manipulation and dexterity, dramatically increasing productivity.

Product Specs
 Product CodeWidth (mm)M3 CECEWeight (kg)

Product Options
  • A variety of tooth options are available.
  • Multiple bucket widths are available.

The Lowdown

The JB 4in1 is a multi-pupose bucket, it can be used as a trenching, grading or clamshell bucket for gripping and loading.  The 4in1 increases the tasks a single machine can perform, reducing the number of task-dedicated machines needed on a job site.  The 4in1 bucket also performs as a general purpose excavating bucket for everyday tasks.

Ideal for a broad range of applications, the JB 4in1 bucket can be used during every step of the construction process.  Since 2001, contractors have come to rely on the JB 4in1 for demolition, land clearing, tree/brush/stump removal, underground utilities, material handling and finish grading.

The 4in1 can do everything a thumb can do, and more.  And it is a ready-to-use, pin-on attachment that is easier to install and operate.  There is no welding, fabrication or in-field measurement needed to install or remove the attachment, saving you valuable time and money.


  • Easier to install, remove and operate
    for increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Lighter weight
    for added lifting capacity
  • Durable, enclosed rotary actuator hinge
    for increased reliability and longer life.
  • Compatible with Quick Hitch Multi Couplers
    making machine or tool changes faster and easier.
  • More responsive and faster operation while grabbing, gripping and dumping
    allows for more work to get done in less time.
  • Invisible clam functionaility is available as needed
    for optimised performance.
  • High strength, abrasion resistant steel used throughout.
  • 120 degrees of jaw movement.

  • Operating mechanism is a rotary actuator inside cross tube.  Because all moving parts are enclosed, reliability and safety are maximised.
  • No obstructions in bucket shell or clam.
  • Integral load holding and pressure control valves.

Making your life easier

With built-in versatility.  This general purpose bucket offers the functionality of multiple attachments, reducing your necessary equipment inventory.

The enclosed actuator hinge reduces service and maintenance requirements increasing safety and reliability and making it extremely durable.

When used in combination with the JBTilt Hitch, the 4in1 can easily and efficiently manipulate any task on the job site saving time and money.

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