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Indeco - HP25000 The biggest hydraulic breaker in the world..


A fast reliable and productive giant
Despite its size, the HP 25000 can also be rapid and versatile, achieving a striking rate of up to 460 blows per minute. That sort of speed is quite incredible when we think how much rock is moved.
Compared with other breakers, the HP 25000 has a greater hydraulic efficiency, i.e. a better ratio between input and output power, and this leads to greater energy yield.

This has been achieved by introducing new technological systems and improving existing ones throughout the Indeco range.

The new automatic power and speed variation system makes the Indeco giant more sensitive and so more adaptable to the material is demolishing.

The ABF or anti-blank fire system eliminates damaging "blank or dry firing" by preventing the piston from striking the tool whenever the tool is not resting firmly on the surface to be demolished. The ABF System is UNIQUE to Indeco. The external regulation system on the HP 25000 casing eliminates any clearance between the breaker and the wearer plates within the housing, further reducing any damaging vibrations.

Even the housing has been specially reinforced to withstand huge mechanical stress that a breaker of this size has to deal with.

Great performance in all conditions
Like all of Indeco's range of intelligent breakers, the HP 25000 can do its job properly, even when the ground hold is poor.
In such cases, the carrier cannot transmit all of this weight to the breaker, or else it means the operator has to work under conditions of partial visibility, or at a very acute angle, such as in secondary demolition, or in underwater or tunnel excavations (head-down) where there is an increased risk of blank firing.

In such extreme conditions, the Indeco HP 25000 "giant" has the perfect opportunity to prove all its versatility and reliability, and it manages to work continuously smoothly and uninterruptedly.

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