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Hayden Workplace Testing

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Everything Earthmoving ~ Hayden Workplace Testing

Hayden Workplace Testing Offers:-

  • Onsite Services (we come to you or you can utilise our premises)
  • 24 Hour Shift Convenience if required
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing (including Synthetic, if requested)
  • Audiometric (Hearing) Testing and Air & Bone Conduction – Managed by a Qualified Practitioner
  • Pre-employment Medicals  
  • Coal Order 41 Medical
  • Spirometry Lung Assessments
  • Workplace Noise Assessments
  • Re-usable Custom Made Ear Plugs
  • Working to Full Australian and WorkCover Standards
  • Referral Program for:-
  • Manual Handling Training
  • Work Focused Exercise Programs
  • Injury Management Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy

Drug Testing

Our drug testing kits are verified to Australian Standards AS 4308. They are an innovative technology where one step is all that is needed for urine testing. This eliminates contact with urine and is the most accurate test around. This Multi-Drug screen has the same level of accuracy as pre-laboratory tests. Accurate Results take 2-5 minutes. We offer urine or saliva testing, which ever method adheres to your companies Drug Testing Policy

Synthetic Drug Testing

The Synthetic Drug Testing kits are an innovative technology where one step is all that is needed for urine testing. This eliminates contact with urine and provides the most accurate results. This Multi-Drug screen has the same level of accuracy as pre laboratory tests. Results take only 2-5 minutes. These test detect those synthetic drugs that cannot be detected in a general Drug test

Alcohol Testing

Our alcohol testing is completed by using the revolutionary Alcolizer LE 5 Series hand held breathalyser device. This device has police level accuracy and instant reporting. This same device is used by the Police Force throughout Australia

Audiometric Hearing Testing

Our Team is led by a fully Qualified Practitioner (Audiometrist) with the Office of Hearing Services.  Our machine is utilised by schools, industry and primary medical practices to perform hearing screening evaluations.  The manufacturer is a world leading diagnostic solution provider of hearing and balance assessment.

Our Audiometric testing also includes Air & Bone Conduction

Reusable Custom Made Ear Plugs

We now provides a wide range of re-usable customised ear plugs to protect or optimise your hearing. These range from hearing plugs to water and music customised ear plugs. They can be customised for those aged 5 years and up wards. Great for those on a noisy work site, those who play musical instruments or those who participate in water sports such as swimming, surfing etc. Don't suffer hearing loss down the track or get ear infections from not having your ear

Spirometry (Lung) Assessments

A Spirometry (lung) test determines the capacity and condition of a person’s lung function. The test includes taking a personal respiratory history preceding the test. This test is especially applicable for employees working in dusty environments or where dust, fumes or chemical sprays may present a health hazard. Issues such as breathing or pulmonary problems

Noise Workplace Assessments

Noise is a major workplace health and safety hazard and under WHS legislation, workers must be protected from the risk of hearing loss. Hazardous noise can destroy the ability to hear clearly, making it more difficult to hear sounds necessary for working safely such as instructions or warning signals.  Companies must manage the risks of hearing loss associated with noise at the workplace by ensuring that the noise a worker is exposed to at the workplace does not exceed the exposure standard for noise

Coal Order 41 Medical

An Order 41 Medical is to assist in ensuring the health and safety of coal workers. Pre-placement medical results are utilised by potential employers to ensure that applicants applying for roles are able to perform the physical requirements of the role offered, safely.  Also to ensure that no underlying medical conditions that exist may impact on a worker’s safety within the workplace.  These medical are conducted by a qualified Physician and a Registered Nurse.,

Mobile Test Labs

Our Mobile Labs are Purposely Built by Hayden Workplace Testing to come to your Workplace:-

  • Fully Equipped to Undertake Testing
  • State of the Art Equipment that is approved by WorkCover and meets Australian Standards
  • Purpose Built Hearing Lab to undertake Audiometric Hearing Testing
  • Our Lab has Two Hearing Booths, a Consultation Area and Airconditioned for our Clients Comfort
  • Fully Equipped Bathroom to undertake Drug Testing in Privacy
  • Equipped to be able to provide instant reporting on all results
  • We have 2 hearing booths installed in our mobile laboratories for more efficient testing, allowing 2 of your staff to be tested simultaneously giving workplaces less down time – saving even more money.  The laminated glass used in our hearing booths provides superior sound reduction, the same recommended for aircrafts.

Our lab has a fully equipped bathroom to undertake Drug Testing in privacy, giving you the highest confidence that all our testing is undertaken with the highest level of confidentiality.

Our labs adhere to all necessary OHS laws. They are maintained on a daily basis to ensure roadworthiness and high hygienic standards

We also offer full discretion services if this is more convenient to your workplace. This will see Hayden Workplace Testing employees come to your premises in un-marked vehicles and wearing plain clothes (no uniforms or company testing labels / logos on show). In this instance we would need to utilise your facilities


Contact usShop 1, 7 Howard Street, Warners Bay, NSW 2282

Newcastle Office Location
Shop 1, 7 Howard Street, Warners Bay, NSW 2282 

Postal Address 
PO Box 936, Warners Bay, NSW 2282

1300 HAYDEN (429 336) or 02 4948 0020 

After Hours 0403 428 595

Email: steph@haydenrecruitment.com.au

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