Business Types

To help you decide which Business Type option best suits your business use the following list:

Civil Contractor
  - You make Roads, Bridges, Subdivisions, Mains etc

Residential Contractor
  - You work mainly around homes and commercial sites

Quarry/Mining Contractor

  - You work for the Quarry & Mining Industry

Plant Hire

  - You supply machines with (WET) or without (DRY) Operators

Truck & Vehicle

  - You haul the people, materials, machines, liquids etc- Wet, Dry or Wet & Dry Hire

Equipment Hire

  - You keep the labourers busy

Plant Operator Or Skilled Labour

  - You really run the jobs sites

Maintenance & Repairs

  - You keep it running or fix it when it breaks down

Service Trades

  - You are a Plumber, Sparkie, Concreter etc

Spare Parts

  - You supply the bits that keep us going eg Filters/GET/Tyres/Oils etc

Construction Materials

  - You supply us construction products

Traffic Control

  - You keep us safe on the job

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

  - You sell new Plant and Equipment

Attachment Manufacturer

  - You make things that make life easier

Used On-Seller

  - You sell trade ins, used machines and Equipment

Training & Assessment

  - You pass on your knowledge to the people with in the Industry

Safety Equipment

  - You supply Goods or Services that get us home at night


  - You give us the answers


  - You help us with our business needs

Employment Agency

  - You need to find all the people above a job when they need it

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