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Everything Earthmoving ~ Indeco

Everything Earthmoving is an
Authorised Agent for 


Indeco Australia

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SMALL BREAKERS suit 0.7 - 12 Tonne Carriers


Small Breakers Applications

Despite their compact size, Indeco’s range of small breakers are exceptionally reliable, quiet & efficient, & best suited for such jobs as excavations work, highway maintenance, demolitions & recycling in city areas & building refurbishment.

Their versatility makes them extremely efficient in
specialist or confined jobs.

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MEDIUM BREAKERS suit 7 - 32 Tonne Carriers


Mid Range Breakers Applications

Their excellent weight/power ratio and their slimline structure make the mid-range Indeco breakers the ideal choice for classical applications, such as demolishing buildings, earthworks in inhabited areas and secondary demolitions in quarries, as well as for more specific tasks.

In fact, midi breakers are used for underwater work - using a special kit - as well as for digging narrow deep trenches and removing casting slag from blast furnaces.

A perfect blend of power and agility characterises the mid range of Indeco breakers, tireless partners even on the toughest of jobs. 

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LARGE BREAKERS suit 24 - 120 Tonne Carriers


Large Breakers Applications

No job is too tough for an Indeco breaker. Combining maximum power with the effectiveness of intelligent technology, Indeco’s larger breakers are unbeatable when it comes to completing the toughest tasks in the shortest possible time-frame - whether it’s the biggest demolition jobs, primary excavations in quarries, or rail and road tunnels.

This is undoubtedly the most prestigious class, containing the top range of Indeco breakers. They are our top breakers not only in terms of size, but also in their outstanding performance and productivity.

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Indeco Pulverizers      ---      Indeco Rotating Pulverizers      ---      Indeco Multi Tool
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Indeco - Demolition Attachments

INDECO, the most trusted name in Demolition Attachments is pleased to announce the newest line of pulverizer, crusher and shear attachments. Exploiting the best in Indeco's advanced technological know how, the complementary products in the demolition range were designed and created following the top quality guidelines already used in manufacturing our famous hydraulic breakers.

In the manufacturing process, Indeco have used the latest technologically advanced materials, specifically designed to withstand high levels of pressure, wear and abrasion, and prolonged use regardless of jobsite conditions.

Today, Indeco is one of the top names in the world of high-tech demolition. In-depth research into hydraulic systems, material, heat treatment and accessories have enabled our company to establish a reputation for product excellence.

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1.7 to 6 Tonne     ---     4 to 12 Tonne     ---     7.5 to 22 Tonne     ---     18 to 45 Tonnes
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The Indeco Compactor

INDECO's hydraulically-driven, boom-mounted compactors feature four models with centrifugal forces from 2,500 – 15,100 kgs. They are designed for compaction in pipe trenches, foundations and other confined areas and are tailored to fit a wide range of carriers from 1.7 – 45 tonne.

INDECO Compactors use oil-bath lubrication of eccentric bearings to ensure long term protection against wear. The Heavy-duty shock absorbers between the carrier coupling plate and motor housing are designed to direct vibrating forces to the ground and away from the carrier and the operator. 

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Company History  


Since 1976.

Indeco HistoryIndeco, an Italian manufacturer of hydraulic breakers and demolition attachments, was originally founded in 1976. In 1980, after a long phase of experimentation, the company completed their first range of breakers and launched the entire HB series onto the market. These breakers soon made a name for themselves, thanks to their great productivity and reliability.

Indeco's commitment to technological development then enabled it to patent the world's first "intelligent breaker" back in 1986 - this breaker was able to modulate its frequency and energy per blow according to the hardness of the rock. The continual product improvements, and the commitment to come up with variations to meet the different needs of the end-users, have now made the Indeco range the widest available anywhere on the market, with 20 models and 50 different combinations throughout the world.

In 2003, the Indeco product portfolio grew to include the range of fixed and rotating pulverizers, a key step in a strategy which led to the launch in 2004 of the new High Performance HP breaker series. The innovations brought in with this new series vary according to the different classes of breaker, and included a new design, the use of new materials and a reduction in noise emissions. 

Our aim to become a world market leader in the demolitions sector has been achieved over the years, mainly thanks to an efficient sales network. As well as being a market leader in Italy, Indeco can also count on stable and lasting partnerships in most of Europe, in particular in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and the United Kingdom, with subsidiary operations Indeco UK and Indeco North America.

A partnership agreement led to the creation in 1993 of INDECO AUSTRALIA, which in the space of just a couple of years became the national leader, with a market share of over 30%. With nearly 20 years of servicing the Australian market, INDECO AUSTRALIA is one of the longest established and most recognised manufacturers, and while many brands have come and gone over the years, Indeco has entrenched itself as one of the country’s most reputable brands.



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Indeco - designer and manufacturer of hydraulic attachments used in the construction, demolition and aggregate industry.

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