Reviews: Menzi Muck Construction
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Menzi Muck Construction Reviews

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Menzi Muck Construction

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Road construction

The horizontally and vertically adjustable chassis on the Menzi Muck is a big advantage when working on roadside with a downhill gradient.




 When building new gardens and stone walls, the responsive control ensures precise and careful working, even when space is at an absolute premium.  



Laying lines on steep slopes


The efficient application of the Menzi Muck when laying lines on steep slopes eliminates the need for tiresome manual work.



Torrent control

It is often the case that wood or concrete sleepers need to be made ready in difficult to access and impassable terrain.



Pipe laying

Lifting gear equipment ensures safety when moving loads. The Menzi Muck is able to provide an efficient solution when working as a pneumatic excavator at high lifting torques.



Stream restoration

Stream beds are lined with boulders in order that they can withstand torrents of water. Used in conjunction with the universal grab, the Menzi Muck is the ideal tool.



Tunnel construction

In tunnels, pitched tunnels and shafts, the rotary cutter and the rock breaker demolish a vast variety of material. An electric version of the Menzi Muck is available for applications of this type.



Sewer system construction

The flexible chassis means that the driver can negotiate a position directly above the trench. The wheels can be adjusted up to a width of 4400 mm.


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