Air Filter Cleaning
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Air Filter Cleaning Businesses & Companies

Brisbane Air Cleaner Services Pty Ltd

Everything Earthmoving ~ Brisbane Air Cleaner Services Pty Ltd

Filter Washing-   We wash Air Filters,Panels, Filter Bags, Filter Socks , Drill Filters all Media types and Hydraulic Strainer Filters for all types of Earthmoving plant and equipment. Excavator Filters, Grader Filters, Scraper Filters, Roller Filters, Loader Filters. Brisbane North Side  

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Queensland Air Cleaner Services

Everything Earthmoving ~ Queensland Air Cleaner Services

We can clean and test most types of Air Filters for a fraction of the new cost. All filters are tested during & after washing and if they test faulty, they are immediately put in the disposal area. Brisbane South Side and GC

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Western Filters

Everything Earthmoving ~ Western Filters

We have over 30 years experience in cleaning 'dry-type' air cleaner elements. The cost of filter cleaning is normally around one third of the purchase price of a new filter. All elements are tested and are warranted to be free of holes and defects. Sydney

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MG Filter Services

Everything Earthmoving ~ MG Filter Services

MG Filters (MG Filter Services) provides air filter maintenance and reconditioning in Melbourne and Gippsland (Victoria, Australia). Professional reconditioning of air filters using the wet cleaning system recommended by the Australasian Filter Servicers Association Inc.


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AFC Filtration

Everything Earthmoving ~ AFC Filtration

AFC Filtration is a proudly South Australian-owned business which has been providing a complete professional recycling and testing service for air filters and new filters for over 35 years. AFC Filtration are highly experienced in the demands of Construction, Mining & Transport. 

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Pure Air Filters

Everything Earthmoving ~ Pure Air Filters

Pure Air Filters will wash clean your filters, bubble test them for defects, and pack them for transport – all for a fraction of replacement cost. Pure Air Filters had grown to be one of the leading and most reputable filter cleaning companies in Western Australia.

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