100-EZ Hydraulic Flail Mulcher
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100-EZ Hydraulic Flail Mulcher

100-EZ Hydraulic Flail Mulcher
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100% Australian made
International delivery available
4 Models 50EZ, 75EZ, 100EZ & 125EZ

1kg Reversible Flails

Thumb Saddle EZ100 & EZ125

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100-EZ Hydraulic Flail Mulcher
The 100-EZ hydraulic flail Mulcher is designed for use on excavators from 5 to 12 tonne, skid steer loaders of most sizes and backhoes. Capable of using both standard and high flow hydraulics, the 100-EZ Mulcher is perfect for all types of machinery. the Mulcher comes fitted with a high performance direct drive motor (with no need for aftermarket cooling) and be plumbed specifically to suit the auxiliary of your machine.

The heavy duty frame supports a 1000mm wide swinging flail cutter drum. There are three flails, two Y Blades and a single hammer or flat blade attached to each mounting lug on the cutter drum.  This combination has proven to be the most versatile, enabling a relatively fine cut for general pruning, brush and grass cutting, while also having the ability to mulch much larger branches up to 250mm.

Flail Mulchers are an excellent choice for tree pruning or brush and grass cutting near populated areas as the cut debris is directed downward and not outward. Utilising a swinging flail arrangement the flails will swing back when striking hard objects hidden in undergrowth and therefore sustain little if any damage.

EZ Machinery manufacture a range of commercial quality hydraulic direct drive flail mulcher attachments designed to effectively cut and mulch many types of vegetation including but not limited to lantana, blackberry, small trees, grass and scrub.

EZ Machinery mulchers are all Australian built, we pride ourselves on manufacturing with a build quality far superior to any other brand available on the market today.

Imported mulchers are simply not designed with the harsh Australian conditions in mind.

Having the ability to be attached to an excavator, skid steer or backhoe is achieved by manufacturing a custom hitch to suit your machine, in the case of an Excavator or Backhoe this is included in the purchase price and a relativly simple task for our engineers, some of the skid steers tend to be a little more complex and more design goes into it but the end result is that attaching your new mulcher head is a simple task.

Capable of using either standard or high flow hydraulics the mulcher design incorporates a reliable yet powerful direct drive hydraulic motor where there is no need for aftermarket cooling.

As with all EZ Machinery attachments, being simple to operate and durability are a priority which is why we use double wall construction, 20mm thick cutter drum, 18mm blade ears and oversize sealed bearings as standard features.

By using a poly mount system instead of clumsy belts and pulleys vibration is eliminated alowing the Mulcher attachment to operate for long periods with minimal maintainence.


The available reach of your excavator gives these attachments extraordinary mobility for clearing embankments, creeks, under bridges and trimming overhanging branches while leaving nothing but mulch to be disposed of or further refined.

Four sizes are available with the EZ series of Mulchers, the 50EZ with a 500mm cut and suitable for 1.5 - 3 tonne excavators, the 75EZ having a 760mm cut and suitable for 2.5 – 5 tonne excavators, the 100EZ having a 1000mm wide cut and suitable for 5 – 12 ton excavators and the 125EZ having a 1250mm wide cut and suitable for 12+ Tonne carriers

Designed to fit a larger hydraulic motor to handle the greater fluid flow rates the larger 125EZ has a 1250mm wide cut and is suitable for 12+ ton excavators.

EZ Flail Mulchers use direct drive Permco hydraulic motors matched to the auxiliary output flow of your excavator ensuring you get the maximum performance from your mulcher using your standard hydraulic system.

Although each Mulcher is set up to the Hydraulic flow of a particular machine the hydraulic motor is easily re calibrated in the rare case fitment is required on another excavator.

Alternatively a variable flow tap can be fitted to your machines.


Attached to each mounting point are three flails, two Y blades and a single hammer or flat blade, this combination has been proven to be the most versatile enabling a relativly fine cut for general pruning and brush and grass cutting while also having the ability to mulch larger branches and trees up to 250mm.

Other flail combinations are available and we are here to help with suggestions relative to your needs.


Use of the EZ series of Mulchers is easily manageable near populated areas as the cut debris is directed downward,  the flails will simply swing back when striking hard objects hidden in undergrowth and sustaining little if any damage at all.

The flails are also designed to be reversible extending the life and therefore keeping the replacement of your flail blades to a minimum.


The 100EZ and 125EZ Mulchers also have a thumb saddle in built that if combined with the optional hydraulic thumb grab (when fitted) can easily pick up and remove obstacles such as timber and rocks.  The thumb saddle can also be used to drag material out of the way without damaging the mulcher body if a thumb saddle is not fitted to the dipper arm.


100% Aussie Made

Flails, Hydraulic motors, seals and bearings are all sourced from Australian suppliers making them readily available from EZ Machinery or one of our sales agents.


The Standard colour of our mulcher body is Black although they can be ordered in many different colours to suit your machine at no extra charge and are powder coated for long lasting protection.

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